Jenny’s Kids, Inc. is a small pediatric occupational therapy clinic with a big heart.

We specialize in treating Sensory Processing Disorders. Occupational therapy services are offered through a play-based approach, with the belief that through play, children can learn and grow.

Jenny’s Kids, Inc. is committed to providing comprehensive occupational therapy services to allow children, ages infants through teens, to be successful in all of the environments in which they work, play, and interact with others. Our therapists are dedicated to the children and families we serve. We work to achieve the goals that are important for each family and their children. At Jenny’s Kids, Inc., we are highly experienced, licensed pediatric occupational therapists.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide children with the opportunity to attain their highest developmental potential using a collaborative and caring approach. We work with the whole child which enables her/him to engage in activities that give meaning to life.

Services we provide:

  • Evaluations
  • Occupational therapy
  • Consultation with school personnel

We work closely with families using a team approach so that skills and progress can be generalized across environments. Our therapists aim at using a child-directed approach in treatment to enable maximum motivation and effort from the child.

We have experience working with children who have motor skill delays, dyspraxia, sensory processing disorders, attention deficit disorders, autism spectrum disorder, and more.

Our therapists foster a personal and professional relationship with our clients and their families. We recognize that for positive changes to occur and remain for your family, the strategies we use in our clinic must be carried out through all facets of your child’s life. This is why we strongly encourage a sensory diet for your child’s school and home in order to maintain consistency throughout your child’s day.

Jenny’s Kids, Inc. views each of our clients more as family than clientele. While we keep the utmost professionalism at all times, we also maintain that closeness and create a bond with our clients so they know that we truly care and have their best interests at heart.